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The Neighbours Awards

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You know, there was one problem with the Logie Awards the other night - they were about other shows that weren't Neighbours! There are only three Australian TV shows I give two hoots about - Neighbours, The Big Arvo and Deal Or No Deal. And out of those three there's only one that is worthy of completely scooping the Logie's pool. Or EVEN - having an awards show completely about it!

We've actually done a Neighbours Awards before, about 18 months ago. But this one is all about the year so far. It's only been on 4 months, but a LOT has gone down in Ramsay St, and we're here to hand out all the top prizes!

The Neighbours Awards 2005

Best Stu Moment:

The nominees are:

a) Going blind
b) Getting hit by a truck
c) Getting his sight back

And the winner is... b,Getting hit by a truck! Just because it involved what he loves the most, a vehicle.

Most Disturbing Moment Of The Year So Far:

The nominees are:

a) Harold kissing his dead daughter
b) Garth from Idol molesting Janae in the playground
c) An ALMOST romantic moment between Lil and Stingray

And the winner is...a, Harold pashing his fake dead daughter!

Best Patient and Illness:

The nominees are:

a) Boyd and his coma
b) Karl and his heart attack
c) Stu and his blindness

And the winner is... a, Boyd and his coma!

The Taj Coppin Memorial Award For Best Criminal Mastermind:

The nominees are:

a) David Bishop
b) Dylan Timmins
c) Paul Robinson
d) Steph Scully

And the winner is... c, Paul Robinson!

Most Surprisingly Improved Character:

The nominees are:

a) Serena
b) Summer
c) Karl

And the winner is...a, Serena!

Most Ruined Character:

The nominees are:

a) Sky
b) Stingray

And the winner is...a, Sky!

Most Annoying Member Of The Timmin's Household:

The nominees are:

a) Janelle
b) Janae
c) Dylan
d) Stingray
e) Bree

And the winner is...It's a tie between a, b, c & d! Bree is alright, we can stand her.

Congratulations to everyone!

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