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I Predict A Sprite - Episode Two

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KCs: Hey guys! Welcome to episode two of I Predict A Sprite! The amazing cooking and diet show that's all about health, fun, and Sprite! Proudly brought to you by Sprite!

R: Now, er...we've had a slight change in plans today...
N: Yeah, we turned up at Wyatt Earp's house, and it turns out he's actually been dead for around 85 years.
R: And dead people don't really need diets!
N: No, they're already pretty thin!
R: They could probably still enjoy the refreshing taste of Sprite though!
N: Absolutely!

R: Anyhow, we were kind of at a lose end for what to fill the show with after that!
N: So instead we've got a special musical guest on for you! It's R&B superstar R Kelly with his hit Sex In The Kitchen!

'Girl you're in the kitchen
Cooking me a meal...

Cutting up tomatoes,
fruits and vegetables and potatoes...

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove
Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls...'

R: Thank's for that R Kelly! You know guys, we could do a cover of that song...
S: Yeah, but we'd change that last line to "Sex in the kitchen over by the blue cake...put you on the counter near the bottles of Sprite"
W: Guys...what the HELL is this show about?
R: I don't know...things that rhyme with 'riot'? Kitchen jokes? Oh, I really have no idea...let's hope we get it right for episode three...

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