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A Very Special Love Pavilion Film Presentation

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Michael and I finally really HAVE agreed on something. We would both very much like the following film to be made:

I mean, with all that hair in their eyes, it's no wonder they haven't realised that they are IDENTICAL TWINS SEPARATED AT BIRTH! And so, we are going to tell their story, giving the classic 'Parent Trap' tale a third makeover.

Things We Will Be Ignoring:

  • Their 11 year age gap. Or, actually, we might just point it out at every opportunity. We haven't decided yet.
  • The implausibility of two grown men attending a summer camp. But hey, there's not much logic to The Parent Trap at all, is there.

    Right - so, it's basically the same story as the original. At their birth, Damon and Ricky's parents, (played by Simon Le Bon and Lulu:)...

    ...decided to split up, taking one child each. Damon and Lulu went to live in Africa, with the other two staying in Leeds. After the two boys grow up, becoming pop stars and fantastic tv show hosts, they accidentally meet each other at an American summer camp.

    When the two meet, they can't believe what they see in the other! Flat caps? Eyeliner? Fringes in eyes? "Wacky" stage antics? They must be twins!

    From then on it's time to 'swap places' as the two attempt to reunite their parents, and get their family back together!

    It's feelgood family fun all around! Coming to a Love Pavilion screen this week!

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