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Something Not Entirely About The Kaiser Chiefs

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(Actually...Cameron only gave them 3 stars)

You know...something has been slowly creeping up on me the last week. It's been like that episode of The Simpsons, where Ned Flanders decides he hates Homer Simpson. I didn't realise it was happening till I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, sat up, and yelled out:

'Oh my God, I think I hate Bloc Party!'

I just keep accidentally reading interviews with them where they slag off other bands that I like, except they do it so politely that you don't actually realise they've done it till a few days later. And then you think, 'gee, what's the view like from up there, BLOC PARTY?' They are so judgemental about any other rock stars who don't exhibit what they consider perfect popstar behavior, which I suppose for them means reading books and sitting quietly.

This is NOT just because they've dissed Oasis and the Chiefs. No, really, it's not. It's about the PRINCIPLE of the thing.

I'll see if this develops any further. Because being the one member of the "We Hate The Bloc Party Club" is going to be pretty lonely. Even the Danny Fanclub had two members (me and him)!

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