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As a pretty prolific script writer, I'm always coming up with great ideas for television shows and blockbuster movies. Since the Love Pavilion re-opened recently, I've already been asked many many times, 'what's on the boil at the moment?'


Not least of all:

A new comedy/adventure film staring the Adams brothers! In it, New York based rock superstar Ryan Adams discovers an amazing secret - he has a ginger-haired journalist brother in Melbourne, Australia!

For some (yet-to-be-determined) reason, the brothers have to trade places! It's just like the, Trading Places! Hilarity ensures as Ryan attempts to review the latest music releases and Cameron is off touring the world as an alt-country megastar! Can this unlikly duo pull it off??

8 Responses to “New Movie News!”

  1. Anonymous Sally G 

    I give this 5 stars already!

  2. Anonymous Crystal 

    (LOL at "Sally G")

  3. Anonymous Sally G 

    I give this 5 stars already!

  4. Anonymous Sally G 

    omg I accidently commented twice, OOPS. well that's just how excited I am about it!

  5. Anonymous Crystal 

    You already said that?! haha

  6. Anonymous Sally G 

    haha I KNOW my internet seems to be broken and not reloading pages properly, so I thought it didn't work.. but it did.

  7. Anonymous Crystal 

    At least it's not the Comments, which I think are kinda spaz in this layout but I'm too scared to reajust the template because last time I did it it was a disaster.

    ANYWAY, Cameron will be strapping on his guitar soon!!

  8. Anonymous sadhczkd 

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