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Look who it is pulling into the bus depot!...

For the ultimate Reunion Tour!

Yes, the Love Pavilion is BACK. But this time - with a mission! To become successful!

There was a brief period, around 2003, when the Love Pavilion was about to really take off in the blog world, but we sort of imploded and never really lived up to our potential. This is mainly because we refused to do the things that make blogs popular - hang with the top bloggers, link to the right sites, write about topical issues.

Instead we chose to mainly focus on Great Jokes, which resulted in the Love Pavilion audience becoming quite loyal BUT SMALL.

Well, all that's about to change on The Love Pavilion's Tour Of Success!

Do not worry though, we are not selling out! We refuse to trade in Damon Albarn's Harbor for trendy political posts. INSTEAD...

We are going to make the Love Pavilion popular by keeping it just as it always was! That's right, more of the same old, same old, but this time with mass success! This campaign starts IMMEDIATELY.

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