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Old School

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Do you know who I've been thinking about a lot today?

That's right, Mr Squiggle.

Man, I LOVED Mr Squiggle. Not so much the short 5 minute episodes, but the long ones that went for 25 minutes, and had loads of drawing, and adventure. One of the happiest moments of my life was during my year 12 trip to Canberra, when we went to the Museum of Film and Television, and I got to see the real Mr Squiggle in person! If you think I didn't use up a whole roll of film, you're sadly mistaken.

I'm trying to remember the theme song, but I'm a bit unsure...was it this...?

Here's Mr Squiggle, lot's of fun for everyone!
Here's Mr Squiggle,...sings a happy tune(?)
You can see he's as happy as can be!
Mr Squiggle, the man from the moon.

The only line I'm sure on is the last - he was definitely the man from the moon. He only came down to earth, of course, to turn random dots and squiggles into recognisable objects. It was a job that needed to be done!

But wasn't Mr Squiggle just so BONZA? When I was 6, it was my greatest, greatest dream to host that show one day. Blackboard...the snail....the rocket... "upside down"! Oh, the great memories.

I can't believe actually that they haven't tried to bring it back for a new millennium makeover. I reckon it would go down a treat with the kids today. And poor Mr Squiggle deserves better than to be stuck in a glass cage in a museum. Who wants to start a campaign?!

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