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Here She Comes Again...

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Don't ask me what I was doing looking around Mel C's official site, but I cannot believe she has a new single and album coming out! Woah man. How did that one happen?

Latest news on the streets, is that she is planning an Aussie tour, come June. I will so be there.

You see, the thing is - I feel slightly responsible for her run of bad luck the past few years. First of all, I wished her single and album would flop. And they did. And then I wished that she would be badly injured in an accident. And she WAS.

So - THIS time, as an experiment, I am going to get 100% behind the Melanie C career. And we'll see how it pans out.

So - my verdict on the new single, "Next Best Superstar". I could make SO many derogatory comments about that title. ('More like 1 MILLIONTH'), but I won't. Instead, I'm going to tell a blatant lie and, say that I LOVE it. I think it's a brilliant song. Really. It's just fantastic.

All the best Melanie! We're behind ya mate!

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