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After Watching Video Hits This Morning...

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RE: The Brian/Delta clip - Why didn't they just arrange a spot to meet?

Top 5 Emotions I Felt While Watching Geri Halliwell's "Ride It" Video:

1. Horror
2. Embarrassment
3. Shame
4. Confusion
5. Regret

Oh my GOD - that film clip is a disaster. It made me so ashamed that Geri was my ultimate hero and life idol for so many years. I swear if that ever comes on the screen again, I will change the channel. I am not sitting through THAT again. (And she looks so fat...WHY WOULD YOU WEAR WHAT SHE WEARS IN THAT CLIP IF YOU LOOKED LIKE THAT).

And, After Watching Rage Yesterday:

I have a new favourite song: Right About Now - MOUSSE T. featuring EMMA LANFORD. I have no idea if this is acceptable within common society or not.

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  1. Blogger Hannah 

    The Brian/Delta and Geri videos are awful.

    It is kind of wrong to like 'Right About Now' because it is NOTHING in comparison to 'Is It Coz I'm Cool'. And it's a bit cheesy.

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