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Day Break

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I have it on good authority that Will from out of Fop has gone crazy for Inaya Day's "Nasty Girl", but I promised to reserve full judgment until I read what the Bible's stance on it was.

Inaya Day - Nasty Girl
Yet another '80s dance cover, this at least takes the relatively obscure Prince penned Vanity 6 hit and give it a modern spruce up. 3 Stars
CA 10:02

Yeah...I'd have to agree. (I'M SORRY!)

4 Responses to “Day Break”

  1. Blogger Fop 

    I apologise in advance for some sacrilige, but, IS HE METAL? I mean, MENTAL? Possibly not, but I must say he has given little reason for such a low score, apart from the words "yet another". I wonder if I could submit an application for a review/appeal of his decision.

  2. Blogger Alyson with a Y 

    That's after Claire appeals the two star Lohan rating and I appeal calling Chanel hefty...grrrr...

  3. Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr 

    But Cameron didn't write that! (As I have pointed out!)

    And Will - YES - you should. Send one to

  4. Blogger Fop 

    I sent him the following:

    Dear Cameron

    The Love Pavilion and I read with interest your three-star review of Inaya Day’s “Nasty Girl” single this week. I write to seek a scoring review in respect of this release. (Is there a special form to be filled out for this.) We would not normally query your judgment, but it does seem as though you have given, on this occasion, insufficient reasons for awarding such a low score. Don’t you like this song very much, Cameron? I must say, I think it is much better than your critique makes it seem. (Admittedly, the Love Pavilion people are not entirely clear at present on what they think about it. But anyway.)

    Finally, we would like to request that Hit feature less Nui te Koha, if this is at all possible. (Is it.)

    Thank you for your time,
    William Mills

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