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FILM REVIEW - "The Final Cut"

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Ironically enough, for a film entitled "The Final Cut", which is about people who cut film, I think this movie was severely edited. It only went for 70 minutes, and ended, you might say, rather "abruptly". You know how sometimes a movie ends really suddenly, and you say out loud 'You've got to be kidding me?', or 'what the fuck?' It's definitely one of those.

I had little, to no, idea what was actually going down in this film. It didn't help that I missed the most important 2 minutes while I was up getting a KitKat and no one would explain to me what I had missed, beyond 'he just did some bad stuff'. So I just sat there trying to make the best sense I could. At ONE point though, I guessed EXACTLY what was about to happen next (before it did!) and damn it I was pleased with myself.

Anyway - THE STORY:

It started out with an extremely interesting premise - sometime in The Future, there's a chip available that you can have implanted in your brain that records your entire life on film.

Personally, I would NEVER EVER EVER want one of those in MY brain, and that's the case with a lot of characters in the film. So I thought, you know, this could go somewhere. Except, IT DOESN'T. It goes, literally, nowhere. If Stu could still see, he would note that it didn't even leave the driveway.

The film centers around the main character Alan, played by Robin Williams, who is a "cutter" - someone who edits a persons life film after they die. That would be a gross and horrible job, and indeed, Alan sees some pretty terrible stuff that people commit over the course of a lifetime. At this point, it's still interesting. But then, it just STOPS.

The tedious back story is that when he was a kid, Alan thinks he was responsible for another kid's death. In becoming a 'cutter', he thinks that by cutting the bad stuff out of OTHERS lives, that...he is somehow redeeming himself. I guess. That was NOT made completely clear. Also, he has a gross love affair with Mira Sorvino, which was worse than the time Susan kissed Lou (note: stop putting Neighbours references in this.)

Anyway, turns out that old Al has one of the chips in HIS head. Oh dear. That is not allowed. Blah blah, he gets shot. (That's the end - perhaps I should have spoilered it.)

I could literally sit here till the end of time contemplating WHY it ended like that. I'm sure it was those 2 minutes I missed. Apparently there were Bad Guys after him, but I didn't know why, or what they wanted. Some other persons film, I think. (But, WHY?)

It was very disappointing, because like I said, it had a good idea. It would be bloody rubbish if, after you die, someone could watch your entire life back. Would YOU want that? I definitely wouldn't think so. If it had just explored that angle more it would have been better. But it went a bit political, and like George Michael said, no one's interested in that these days.

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