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Film Clips That Annoy Me

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1. Ashlee Simpson - La La

First of all, Ashlee's "dancing" in this is extremely distracting. It's so damn bizarre. Then there's her hideous skate "get-up", and the fact that despite being MY AGE, she's acting like a retarded 15 year old.

But most of all - It is NOT funny to throw a drink at someone riding a bike to make them fall off it.

I can't tell you how much that bit annoys me.

a) What a waste of a drink
b) It is in no way as HILARIOUS as Ashlee and her fake video pals make out it is
c) That would hurt. Gees, Ashlee.

2. Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

You know...just because your boyfriend left you for another girl, it's no reason to break into their apartment and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. The more I see this clip, the more annoyed I am with this 'moral'. I especially hate the bit where she cuts all the new girlfriend's dress straps. What a BITCH.

I seriously hope she was arrested and charged for destruction.

(I KNOW it's not real. the alternative Video Universe, I hope justice was served)

3. Brian & Delta - Almost Here

I know I've mentioned this before, but one week on, I STILL don't understand how this "Especially For You" style escapade went on. I mean, even if they were dumb enough to arrange to meet at a crowded airport without agreeing on a SPECIFIC SPOT, then why didn't one at least give the other a call on their mobile, to check out where they were? SIGH.

Oh, also, Brian - nice manbag.

Destiny's Child - Soldier

It's not so much the clip, as Rage's handling of it. They've censored the line:

'Know how to carry big things, if you know what I mean'

Yes, I DO know what they mean. But what - Rage are censoring vague insinuations now? Ridiculous.

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