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You Ain't Got No Alibi:

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The genius behind PopJustice and Tim Chipping who used to be in Orlando (who's album I saw on eBay the other day for silly, silly money, but has apparently been bought and paid for) have sold their souls to the devil and created Slashmusic, on which they are keeping us abreast of the long-overdue comeback of Daphne and her friend, Celeste (and, also, plugging my boyfriend's music, hence my creditting them, as opposed to blatently ripping of their post and taking all the credit for it).

So, in the great tradition of The Love Pavilion, here's that Daphne and Celeste interview in full:

Daphne: Hi, my name's Daphne, and this is my friend, Celeste! Bob Marley came to Celeste in a dream. He was smoking a pipe and he told her we had to come back to save British TV because it sucked.
Celeste: It was one of those dreams/visions.
Daphne: She’s a shamanistic visionary. I’m more psychic.
Celeste: We have several shows in the pipeline, like Squirty the Worm. We don’t know if Britain is ready for Squirty yet. He’s gay and thinks he’s a snake. It’s quite controversial. Then there’s The Foot Show. Celebrities come on and you can only see their feet.
Daphne: If we make any more music it has to be really good. We don’t want to let the fans down.
Celeste: It’ll be a lot of psychic visionary stuff. But of course we’ll be doing the theme tunes to all our shows. Everything is a long term plan.

God, I've missed them.

Hang on...

Shamanistic visionaries? Made-up TV shows? 'Quirky' characters with stupid names?

If ever there was a mighty force that chanelled the spirit of The Love Pavilion, that mighty force is Daphne and Celeste.

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