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A Message From Damon

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It seems like Damon Albarn is 'harbouring' some grievances about this new wave of cooking popstars...

Crystal: Hey Damon, what's up?
Damon: Well, I'm really annoyed about something.
Crystal: Nothing new there. What is it this time?
Damon: This whole new cooking rock stars know, it all started when the Kaiser Chefs baked a cake for the season premier of Damon Albarn's Harbour! Which, I might point out, NEVER RETURNED.
Crystal: Yeah, sorry about that. But what are you saying here, that you're responsible for the phenomenon?
Damon: I'm not only responsible for it, but it's cost me my own show! I am getting NO credit, and NO airtime!
Crystal: But that's because you don't have a cooking show.
Damon: ...OR DO I? You see, I've got some ideas...
Crystal: I don't know Damon...the schedules already pretty full.
Damon: Can I just tell you them?
Crystal: Sigh, alright, I suppose so.

Damon: How about one of the following!:

  • Find out what happens when your herb cabinet is empty in Out Of Thyme!
  • Discover the wacky world of vegetables in Crazy Beet!
  • And enter the dangerous world of pastry abuse in She's So Pie!

    Crystal: ...or a mathematics show about a girl who loves triangles called She's So Pi...

    Damon: Oh, is that what you're after?

    Crystal: Not really, no. But...those other ideas are actually pretty good. Ok - you've got yourself a show!

    Damon: Fantastic! I'm actually pretty happy about something!

    Crystal: It's a first! Welcome on board the cooking train of success Damon...

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