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Feel Good Pty Ltd - Mission One!

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Damon's called an emergency meeting of staff!

Damon: Rightio everyone! Lou, Alf, Startribe... I've got a big job for you all! We need ten emergency shipments of Dunston Checks In, immediately!

Lou: ...To do what with?
Damon: To send them out into the world! It's what the world needs now!
Lou: Er, but why 'Dunston Checks In?'
Damon: It's the definitive orangutan movie of the 90s! It's got it all... plucky kids, hilarious animal hi-jinks, comedy criminals:

'When Dunston gets loose and tries to escape a life of crime with the help of Brian and Kyle, things go just a little lunatic.'

Damon: Doesn't the final line of that sound just the lyrics of a Eurovision song? "Just a little lunatic!"
Lou: You're right Damon! Let's get happy then!

Damon: And Alf - you just take care of the flowers!
Alf: No problems Damon! Let's go team!


Well, this is all going brilliantly! We've got one member of Blur and 3 Eurovision contestants working hard to get overlooked 1996 comedy classic Dunston Checks In delivered to the masses! What next for Team Fun? Who knows!

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