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Singles That Are Almost As Good As The U2 One - Part 2

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Destiny's Child - Soldier

Seeing as this is probably Destiny Child's worst single to date, I shouldn't be half as obsessed with it as I am. Yet I CAN'T. STOP. PLAYING. IT. And singing it all day long.

'If his status ain't hood, I ain't checking for him,
Better be street if he looking at me...'

I don't even know what I'm singing about. Let alone when it gets to Beyonce's verse. Where, or what, is "The BK?" With the Green vs Gold debate "re-opened", this seems appropriate.

4.5 Dogs

(And 87% as good as the U2 single)

3 Responses to “Singles That Are Almost As Good As The U2 One - Part 2”

  1. Blogger Alyson with a Y 

    It's not really a debate though is it - Gold is SO much better than green! You get all the singles!

    Bloody Sanity!

  2. Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr 

    You're right - it's not really a debate so much as a fact. You'd only like the Green one if you actually ENJOY lesser quality, really.

  3. Blogger Alyson with a Y 

    Exactly! And ALL albums should come in green and gold! That way, you know where you stand! If you want a lesser product, you get the green one, but if you WANT ALL THE SINGLES AND TO FEEL SPECIAL WITH THE GREATEST ALBUM EVER - it's gold all the way!

    I'm so glad Claire is so full of helpful advice and wisdom...she should get a show...

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