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Since we last caught up with Stu, he's been busy saving lives, stealing his best mate's girlfriend, and getting his eyes burned out in a fire!

Crystal: Hey Stu!
Stu: G'day.
Crystal: Let's get straight down to business Stu - what's new in the world of Pop Mechanics? What music have you been into lately?
Stu: Well, lately I've been really enjoying the Pearl Jam greatest hits, "Rearview Mirror".
Crystal: But Stu, Pearl Jam suck. Excellent.
Stu: Of course, I haven't been looking out many rearview mirrors myself lately.
Crystal: Yeah, it's hard to look through them when you have no eyes I guess.
Stu: That is true.
Crystal: It's also pretty dangerous to drive, when you can't see.
Stu: Yeah...I haven't been for a drive in a while.
Crystal: How about metaphorically?
Stu: Oh yeah, I've been on plenty of them.
Crystal: So you're going to be alright then?
Stu: ...I don't know, really...
Crystal: Great! And, er, Pearl Jam?
Stu: Well, they've come to the end of the road, it looks like, but it was a great ride while it lasted.
Crystal: Great Stu, thanks. Be careful on your way out.


  1. Blogger Alyson with a Y 

    I'm so excited! This makes up for any crappy tennis match!

    It will be a special week (until you get bored again - ha ha)


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