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The Bravery Album Review/ Pop Mechanics With Stu

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Well, I only got this because The Killers said that it was a bad rip-off of them, and I figured then that it would be right up my ally.

And, it IS. Cameron was right when he said it was 'durantastic'. (But I didn't buy it because of him, he didn't even like it that much.)

Oooh, look who's here!


Crystal: G'day Stu! Come to review The Bravery album in a classic Pop Mechanics With Stu 'bit'?
Stu: Apparently, yeah...
Crystal: Well Stu, have you seen what one of the songs on the album is called?
Stu: Excuse me?
Crystal: Oh sorry, bad choice of words. You haven't been seeing much of anything lately!
Stu: No, I haven't.
Crystal: Ok then, have you heard what one of the songs is called?
Stu: I don't think I have, no.
Crystal: "No Brakes"!
Stu: That sounds dangerous.
Crystal: Doesn't it ever!
Stu: You have to be careful when hurtling down the highway of success, that you don't speed yourself down a road of trouble.
Crystal: Of course. That's always a worry.
Stu: does seem to me like there are 'no brakes' on their career!
Crystal: You might say that, mightn't you!
Stu: Definitely.
Crystal: Thanks Stu.
Stu: Always a pleasure.

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