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Thought we were just a summer romance, nothing but a passing fling

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Seems my heart had other plans, now I'm a puppet on a string.

As Joel and I have just completed this banner...

...for our new Blog Triplet Jellyfish Online, I'd just like to say that if anyone else wants one, they are relatively easy to make. Just 'drop us a line' at crystalgallagher@gmail.

I MUST say though - I never in my wildest dreams imagined this campaign would actually be popular. It's just TAKING OVER. And to be honest, probably becoming a bit mainstream. But God am I proud - I haven't been at the head of an underground internet phenomenon since my glory days of the 'Lizjournal' typo.

Anyway - Dancing With The Stars, tonight's episode of. If you think I didn't take notes, then you are very naive. Full wrap later, but SEE IF YOU CAN TELL WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE FOLLOWING:

Holly Brisley: 7,7,8,8, 30
Nikki Webster: 7,8,7,7, 29

Damn it to HELL!

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