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Because I hadn't heard it for a year until it came on yesterday, causing me to burst out laughing in public...

Bob The Bachelor's "Girlfriend"!

'Could you make a phone call to Jesus to clean up my soul?'

It's really all about the Jesus line, but there's plenty of other stupid lyrics and moments of hilarity (as I went through much more thoroughly in my original post, during the brief time we were 'Bob's Love Pavilion'). Such as:

"Bring me my future, just make sure it's mine!"

"Could you open the window, but leave out the cold?"

"There's still rain on the runway, but I'm doing okay, I've got cigarettes to kiss"

"I know I should be sleeping, but it's too soon to tell"

It really really is the stupidest song of all time. And's quite listenable. I liked it so much at the time I almost purchased the album. Thank Cameron I couldn't face the staff at Sanity came to my senses in time.

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